Louie: Telling Jokes/Set Up Review

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This week’s episode of Louie did two things that this show has done incredibly well in the past magnificently again.

Let’s face it, this show is always just that much better when Louie’s daughters are on screen. The opening scene with them all telling jokes to each other was weirdly adorable and funny. It perfectly lead into the only stand-up bit of the episode, which delivered the biggest laughs of the night. Because Louis C.K. took us to his dinner table just moments before, imagining his youngest telling the joke about the gorilla going to the ballet was absolutely brilliant. Then, to top it all off, the closing moment was her telling the joke to her father, which was almost just as funny as it was before.

The brunt of the episode mostly dealt with Louie being set up on a dinner date by a friend and his wife. Louis C.K. had teased that he would be bringing on some Oscar winners this season, and this episode brought the first of them with The Fighter‘s Melissa Leo!

The veteran actress did a wonderful job capturing the screen and steeling just about every scene she was in. The slow descent into crazy and then almost full on rape was fantastic. It was very dark but also very funny. I loved that Louie said he would see her again. His delivery was sarcastic, but not enough so that I totally believe that he won’t see her again. While this is likely the last time we will see Leo on the show, it was a great character moment for Louie knowing that he was not completely against the idea.

Telling Jokes/Set Up has everything to make a great Louie episode, scenes with his daughters and a crazy sexual escapade. This show just seems to be getting better and better. Grade: A-

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