Louie: “The Road Part 2” Season 5 Finale Review

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After last week’s disappointingly and unusually ordinary episode, the second part of The Road made up for a lot of lost ground and ended the season on a very high note.

Louie lands in Oklahoma City for a new gig. He’s sharing a living space with another comedian played by Brad Aldous. The finale is almost entirely focused their opposing views on stand-up comedy. Aldous is Louie’s opening act, rallying up the crowd with basic fart jokes and cheap imitations. It’s smart editing that both times Louie has to go up and follow him with his typical depressing comedy, we cut to commercial after the audience gives Louie little more than pity laughs.

The final scene of the season had Louie confront his opening act. They yell at each other about the perceived differences in what they do, ending in Louie being forced to admit that farts are funny. It’s a great moment that blends everything Louie is about. In a season that featured Louie shitting on the street and a thoughtful conversation with his daughter about how art is perceived, Louie laughing through his tears that farts are funny feels like the most important moment of the season. It’s the not-so-subtle blend of what we consider high-brow and low-brow that makes Louie so unique. This series dares people with artistic minds to laugh at bathroom jokes and challenges people that love bathroom jokes to find meaning in them. Louie explaining what farts are through tears and laughter is the perfect encapsulation of that.

In true Louie fashion, Aldous falls and hits his head while trying to shit in the top part of the toilet. He unceremoniously dies from losing too much blood. It’s sad that just after Louie felt comfortable with his own sense of humor, the person who taught him dies in the most ironic of ways.

Staying in line with the episode’s overall simplification of stand-up comedy, “The Road Part 2” also shows Louie taking part in the lives of the locals. It’s notable that the episode’s end credits roll over scenes of the countryside. This celebration of Middle America indicates that Louis CK is truly trying to make this show for everyone. Besides it being the most New Yorky show that isn’t Broad CityLouie loves to take its time in whatever setting its in, whether it be China or Oklahoma. It’s refreshing to have a series so in love with New York City that isn’t afraid to love other places.

So that’s that for Louie season five. “The Road Part 2” was an excellent cap on a season that featured a lot of artistic experimentation. It’s themed summed up the show perfectly while giving it a different local flavor than we’re used to. Now begins the long break between seasons. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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