‘Mad Men: A Little Kiss’ (Season 5 Premiere) Review: Finally!

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After almost two years since Don Draper abruptly decided to marry Megan, we are given season 5. Rejoice, the best show on TV is back.

A Little Kiss brought our favorite advertising agency forward to the summer of 1966. The Civil Rights Movement is in full swing but that means little to these larger-than-life characters who are just as self-centered, cynical, and entertaining as ever.

Don has been married to Megan now for a while, but almost immediately, we are given the seeds of their eventual demise. This marriage will not last, and no one really expected that it would. The proposal clearly was nothing more than another moment of Don Draper thinking on his feet perhaps too quickly, something that brought him all the success he deserves in the advertising world, and all the misery he has gotten in his personal world. It is obvious to the viewer, and of course Peggy, that these two know next to nothing about each other. The perfect way to show this was Megan’s attempt at a birthday celebration for Don’s 40th.

In a sense the entire first hour of the premiere felt like a welcome home party. The writing is as sharp as ever as every scene oozes subtle hilarity if you can keep up. Roger Sterling is still given the best lines as he pokes fun at just about everyone who dares to step in his path. But one person who seems to be sick of Roger’s quick wit sarcasm is Pete Campbell. As season 5 begins, Pete is power hungry. He is sick of his office that has a large column right in the doorway. He is sick of everyone taking his work for granted. Pete’s fight for what he deserves feels legitimate, and even Roger knows that. Hence how we got that hilarious scene between him and Harry Crane.

Elsewhere in the Mad Men world, Joan has had her baby and wants to get back to work as soon as possible. A Little Kiss showed us a Joan weaker than we have ever seen her. Who would expect that she would live with her mother? Or cry to Lane Pryce about her position at the company? While it was interesting seeing this side of her, I hope to see the return of the commanding, powerful force she is in the office. Afterall, what would Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce be without Joan?

This episode was brilliantly written as a welcome back into this fantastic world that Matthew Weiner has created for us. Even though it wasn’t the most exciting material we’ve seen from the show, it managed to plant the seeds for what is to come. I do wish however, that we had gotten a tiny update on Betty, but as the previews indicate, that will come next week.

As usual, Mad Men has some of the best production values on TV, particularly its cinematography. The final shot of Pete looking out his new window with a smirk gave me chills.  It is proof that sometimes the little victories count, and on some level that is what Mad Men has been about from the start. It’s great to be back. (9/10)


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  1. Patrick says:

    Roger’s marriage isn’t going to last either, and Pete’s subversive action is definitely going to led to him getting hit. Because Roger’s not done being “top dog” he’s going to fight Campbell, tooth and nail, while using juvenile threats (offering to take the argument “outside”) or insults (pointing out Campbell is a junior, and not full, partner). Either way that tension is going to be awesome to watch

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