‘Mad Men: Christmas Waltz’ Review

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This week on Mad Men: fraud, divorce, and…religion? The end of the season is upon us and Christmas Waltz did an excellent job getting us ready for it.

Tonight’s episode had an exciting feel to it, something that was missing from the last two. Right from the start we see Lane Pryce failing to work through financial woes. This lead him to start taking money from the company. Considering that the end of the hour revealed that the company would not be able to give the partners Christmas bonuses, Lane could fall into some serious trouble here. This, along with the new Jaguar direction, is where the rest of the season seems to be going. It’s exciting to finally get some direction as to where things might be heading before we are robbed of Mad Men for months on end.

Don dealt with much of the Jaguar issues this week, but he also dealt with another childish hissy fit from Megan. It’s amazing, she was so likable a few episodes ago and now she is incredibly annoying once more. But this time at least seeds were being planted for some possible end. Clearly Don does not want to go home anymore.

Instead he took Joan out for a “date” after she got divorce papers from her husband. I kind of thought that was over and done with when we saw her tell him off in the beginning of the season, but any screen time with Joan is much appreciated. Her stories seem to be coming less and less as of late. Her and Don acting as a couple at the Jaguar dealership was wonderful. Even better was their conversation at the bar. I forgot how great their dynamic was until now.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the week, however, was the return of Paul Kinsey as a Hari-Krishna. He and Harry Crane met for lunch, where Kinsey then revealed that he wrote a script for Star Trek and wants Harry to pass it on to the NBC executives. While Kiney’s return felt random, it was a funny little subplot and a nice way to give closure to this long gone character.

Christmas Waltz was a fun episode with a lot of great dynamics that we have not seen in a while. With just three episode left what will happen with Don and Megan? How will Joan handle the single life? Will Lane get away with fraud? I don’t know but this episode made me excited about all three and more. (8.5/10)

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