Mad Men: “For Immediate Release” Season 6 Episode 6 Review

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Just one week after a poignant historical hour, we get a major shake up for SCDP.

I love how this show can take something as boring as two companies merging and transform it into riveting drama. Keep in mind, the major events of For Immediate Release are still technically the first half of this season. And I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Jaguar begins yanking SCDP’s chain, and Don isn’t having any of it. So he tells Herb off at a restaurant while their wives are in the bathroom. SCDP has lost Jaguar after only acquiring it late last season, when Joan slept with Herb.

Meanwhile, Roger has his eye on Chevy, but how could he possibly pull that off? Because his name is Roger Sterling damn it!

This all collided in one of the louder office screaming matches we’ve seen over the course of six seasons. Pete screams at Don for not giving a crap about the company. Joan shuffles them into the conference room just before Roger enters with that smirk of his.

Roger: “I have good news and bad news.”

Pete: “Don just fired Jaguar!”

Roger: “I just have good news.”

But as Joan realizes what happened, she yells at Don for not remembering what she did so they could get Jaguar. Christina Hendrick’s, once again, stole the entire scene with a difficult to watch twist in the Don/Joan dynamic.

But that can be dealt with later, now is the time for the partners to act and get Chevy. Don and Roger fly out to Detroit.

Of course, Ted is hot on their tail, but he sees the situation quite differently. Chevy wants to shop around for a good ad campaign at the small companies, then sell it to one of the big ones, he says as he shares a drink in an empty bar with Don. They share the pitches they’re going to lose and come up with a possible solution, combine agencies.

Meanwhile, Peggy and Abe are living in a crappy apartment in a bad neighborhood. It’s obviously taking a toll on their relationship, as Peggy let Ted kiss her for so long.

She gets called in to speak to her boss in the closing scene of the episode. An unseen Don tells her it went well, and he and Ted tell Peggy in an wonderful scene that they will be combining agencies.

It seems odd that Peggy will be back working for Don so soon after leaving. I wonder if she can even find happiness going back to the same job. It looks to make for some strong drama in the future, as it did in this episode. But part of me is worried it might just be glossed over. So for now, I’m cautiously optimistic about the big changes.

Everything else that happened seems pretty small now after the closing minutes, but Pete had some pretty big moments here too. With he and Trudy practically over, it was great to see his father in law, who had given SCDP, and Pete,  Clearasil a few seasons back, put Pete out of business. So far, this just isn’t Pete’s season.

And finally, Megan’s mother is in town for Mother’s Day. Her dynamic with Megan has really made the character more likable. The scene where she watches Megan sign autographs on the elevator was really well done.

I don’t want to jinx it but Mad Men season six is shaping up to be one of the series’ best. These major developments this early in the season are exciting. I’m not sure yet how to feel about Peggy working at SCDP again so soon, but I’ll definitely give the show a few chances to prove itself. And it always has. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. Mar says:

    I keep wishing they’d focus on Joan more fully. She was indeed fabulous tonight in her three minutes of screen time, as stated above. But other than the one episode a few weeks ago, she really hasn’t had much air time this season, and there are pieces of her storyline that seem to have gotten lost. Does Don know that the only reason she slept with Herb in the first place was because she assumed that he’d gone along with the other partners, and only learned that he was opposed to it after she’d *already* done so? What is the current relationship between her and Roger? For me, she is one of show’s most compelling character — certainly the most compelling female character — so it’s frustrating that we haven’t gotten to see much of her thus far.

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