‘Mad Men: Lady Lazarus’ Review

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Not too much was really going on in the world of Mad Men this week, just two stories. One looks to be pretty huge while the other continued to slowly pick away at the scab that is Pete Campbell.

Last week was the first time that Megan really became likable. This week we learned that her true passion is acting rather than copy writing, and she plans to act on that. The first half of Lady Lazarus focused on her struggle to get herself out of this job she hates. Not showing us where she was going in the beginning was a nice touch. This ended up putting Peggy in an awkward situation since Megan told her she was meeting Don. Her “Pizza House!” exclamation was hysterical. But Peggy had to do something about this so she confronted Megan. Another nice touch was how quickly after that Megan confessed to Don. When he was with Betty things like this would take almost a full season to develop. But how stable is their relationship now that she is off trying to act?

The second half of this plot mostly focused on Don, who has mixed feelings about his wife’s leave from the company. Don is happiest when he is at work and his new wife was a part of that. Now that she is gone what makes this new life any better? He even states to Roger “I don’t want her to become just like Betty”. That certainly seems to be where this is going. Don and Peggy getting angry at each other at the Cool Whip pitch was a great scene. Their relationship has barely been touched upon this season but clearly after last season’s fantastic episode The Suitcase Peggy might know Don better than he knows himself. Their acting in scenes like this are the best anyone can ask for in entertainment and this screaming match did not disappoint. This part of the episode ended with Don listening to the Beatles courtesy of Megan, and abruptly turning off the song half way through. It just isn’t his cup of tea, and neither is Megan anymore.

The only other thing going on this week was another Pete Campbell cheats on his wife story, except this time he actually got pretty attached. This is because she made him feel so insignificant by comparing his eyes to the photos of Earth from outer space. What a great way, once again, to use the 1960s setting to get a pivotal point across for a character. Also, Pete going to that dinner was risky and rather intense. He is getting sloppy. The final shot of the heart drawn in condensation was brilliant. Pete Campbell is falling apart.

Lady Lazarus had just too little going on to be one of the best episodes of a season made up primarily of classics thus far. But Megan quitting Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce surely is significant. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out. (8.5/10)

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