‘Mad Men: Mystery Date’ Review

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This week the summer of 1966 was very busy. Much of the episode took place out of the office over the course of one night that proved restless for most.

I will admit that the episode started out a bit too slow for my liking, but that is the only reason it is not getting a perfect score. Despite the pacing, we still got some great character development for Ginsberg, the new copywriter for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. It also perfectly established the different characters who would be placed into the phenomenal storytelling that would take place over the next hour.

As fantastic as this episode was, Don Draper was hardly the reason because he spent most of the episode sick in bed. But an old fling tried to make her way back into his life, something the old Don would have accepted with open arms. But the new Don has no need for anything besides what he has. His delusions at the end of the episode were pretty haunting. For a few seconds I was very worried that Don actually just committed a murder.

Peggy was at the heart of a great story tonight as she harbored Don’s African-American secretary Dawn because she didn’t want to go home. I loved Peggy’s ability to give her advice and equate her situation to Dawn’s, which was also a nice treat for long time fans. Peggy was kind to Dawn, something Dawn rarely sees. I was also glad to see her leave her purse untouched, even though her gut told her otherwise. Peggy continues to be one of the best developed characters on the show.

Another plot this week featured Sally at the forefront, the first of its kind in season five. Again, the character development here was incredible as she stood up to her grandmother time and time again showing her maturity. Sally is becoming just like her father, with all the positive and negative ramifications that may have.

Finally, on to the best plot of the week. Oh Joan, how I’ve missed your ability to make whoever crosses you feel so insignificant and small in a millisecond. With the stresses of a newborn baby, an overbearing mother, and a husband overseas, it was time for Joan to strike back, and boy did Greg finally get what he deserves. The man who raped her a few years ago pulled the last straw when it came out that he volunteered to go back overseas instead of take care of the baby. Joan throwing him out once and for all was one of the biggest accomplishments her character has had in the entire series. She is back in control, right where she belongs.

The only other aspect of Mystery Date was the growing tensions between Roger and Pete, causing the former to go to Peggy for help, who took advantage of the situation in hilarious fashion. What a great episode. Season five continues to show no dip in quality for this incredible show. Keep ’em coming. (9.5/10)


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