‘Mad Men: Signal 30’ Review

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Season five thus far has given us a pretty heavy amount of Pete Campbell, but this week he finally got what has been coming to him since the day we met him in another excellent episode of Mad Men.

A lot was going on this week on Mad Men. Don was forced into a dinner party with Ken Cosgrove and Pete Campbell, both of whom saw huge character development this week. The other big character tonight was Lane Pryce who tried to get a new account from a fellow Englishmen from Jaguar.

First off, I have to say that I love seeing how much Don Draper has grown since the series started. The way he looks at Pete and Roger as they indulge in the perks that their business meetings sometimes deliver is neither envious nor judgmental. He has learned his lesson yet doesn’t look down on others who have yet to learn. His maturity outmatches every other character on the show by far.

Signal 30 gave us some rare development of Ken, who turns out, is a science fiction writer in his spare time. I also like that he treats Peggy as an equal, more so than anyone else aside from maybe Don. The closing monologue of his new story was a brilliant way to end the episode while commenting on Pete.

Speaking of Pete, he is a bastard, and I really try to refrain from using harsh language in my reviews but he really deserves that one. In this episode alone he manages to continue to insult Roger, let his power go to his head, creepily try to sleep with a high school girl, and cheat on his wife. What a bastard. Watching Lane’s fist make contact was one of the most satisfying moments on the show to date. That scene in general was just perfect as Roger asks “am I the only one who really wants to see this?”. Meanwhile Don giddily closes the drapes so no one can see. Classic.

What got Lane to this point was all pretty great too. His interactions with the Jaguar spokesman were great, as was his reluctance to let the other guys take over the pitch. After the fight, I loved his attempt to connect with Joan. For a second, it looked like it might go farther, and then it looked like Joan would completely reject him, but instead she opens the door and sits back down, letting Lane know that she is there for him as a friend.

Once again, Mad Men delivered a bunch of wonderful character moments. Things are building towards big changes for Pete and the company in general. The only thing that really isn’t changing is the quality of this show, which rests at damn near perfect television. (9/10)


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