‘Mad Men: The Phantom’ (Season Finale) Review

This quiet season ender touched on all the right notes to close season five in an incredibly satisfying way while still leaving us begging for more.

Mad Men has an uncanny ability of delivering moments that are just indescribable. Tonight we got several of those as stories closed and the company continued to see further success.

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce has come a long way since their beginnings in a hotel room. As new floor space becomes available to them, the five remaining partners stare out onto the New York City streets in one of the finest pieces of cinematography the show has ever done. But while success may have been a theme for the company this year, the characters seem to be falling apart worse than ever before.

Pete had a very sad story to close out his rebellious arc this season. It’s hard to make us sympathize with such a terrible person, but the writers have managed to do it so well from the beginning. Plus he got punched in the face again! Whoo!

Following Lane’s death, this episode had some threads to close out. Joan’s scene with Don after she looked at the empty chair during a meeting was pitch perfect. Don’s scene with Lane’s wife was appropriately sad giving Don even more guilt to deal with.

Speaking of Don he had one hell of a week. It seems that Lane’s suicide has made his guilt resurface for his brother’s suicide way back in season one. What a creepy yet effective way to tell this story. Luckily he had a wonderful scene with Peggy at the end that was a far better conversation than the one where Peggy told him she was leaving. I hope that Peggy remains to be a big part of this show and doesn’t go the way of Betty.

Speaking of Betty, where was she? Where was Sally? Come on Weiner this is a season finale! At least Sally had a great story last week, but poor Betty has had so little screen time this year.

Aside from that however, this was a pretty great way to end the season. Boy am I going to miss this show. Look for my full season review tomorrow night! (9/10)

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