Man of Steel Trailer Flies Into View

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A quiet, yet awesome trailer for Superman’s return to the big screen has hit the web.

Forget Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine, Man of Steel will likely be the superhero epic of the year!

This trailer suggests that Zach Snyder’s take on the first superhero will dive deeper into the character than ever before, while delivering action scenes we have not been able to come close to in any other Superman film.

Much like the casting of Batman Begins, producer Christopher Nolan has brought a supporting cast of all-stars. In this trailer alone we get peeks at Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon and Amy Adams.

Superman is a tough superhero to do. I’ve always felt his inner conflicts are not as powerful as say Batman’s or Spider-man’s. Plus to have a really great Superman action sequence requires just about every special effect you can think of.

With this trailer Snyder may have nailed it. Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013. Check out the new trailer below!

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