‘Mass Effect 3’ Demo Impressions

Photo Credit: http://www.joystiq.com/2011/10/12/mass-effect-3s-multiplayer-tied-to-online-pass/

Today BioWare released the demo for Mass Effect 3, perhaps the biggest videogame release in 2012. With two missions included in the download, fans got a great look at what the third installment has in store for them in under a month.

I have now played both the PS3 and the PC version of the demo (ironic since I have it pre-ordered for the 360). I have to admit my dislike for PC gaming, but the graphics were far more stunning there than on the PS3. But for the sake of this article, I will be focusing on that version, since I am far more comfortable talking about it.

The beginning of the demo lets you choose many character preferences, just like the beginning of the original Mass Effect. You choose your gender, your background, your appearance, and your class. I played as a Vanguard since I played the predecessors with that class and plan to play the third with it as well.

Once your preferences are chosen, the demo shows the beginning of the game. It starts on Earth with Shepard’s military status taken away from him. He and Anderson approach the human leaders as contact is lost with our base on the moon. Reapers then descend upon Earth, wiping out everything in site.

Actual gameplay starts with Shepard and Anderson trying to escape to the Normandy. The action is intense as you fight familiar husks and new enemies called cannibals. The combat has been improved quite a bit this time around. Running, dodging, and hiding against walls are far more fluid in this installment. This is the best that the combat in this franchise has ever been.

This part of the demo ends with Anderson choosing to stay on Earth as you escape on the Normandy with either Kaiden or Ashley by your side. The last shot we see is an incredibly heart-wrenching moment where a Reaper shoots down a transport that you just witnessed a child board. The music combined with the site of the destruction make this moment one of the most poignant in the series.

Photo Credit: http://www.grouvee.com/news/mass-effect-3-demo-for-valentines-day/86/The next part of the demo takes place farther in the game. Wrex has you rescue a female Krogan from the Salarian home world. Mordin is also in the mix trying to help you. Garrus and Liara return as squadmates for this mission, which made me feel right at home in the Mass Effect world.

This mission is a lot more action packed once Cerberus attacks. That’s right, Cerberus is waging their own war for their own means, which of course were not revealed in the demo. This mission was extremely well paced and a lot of fun. This is just a taste of what is to come in Mass Effect 3.

All in all, the demo has whet my appetite further for what will surely be an incredible conclusion to this magnificent series. Technically, the game looks great and the combat is better than ever. Mass Effect 3 is sure to be an instant classic when it hits shelves March 6th, which is just three short weeks away.

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