Mass Effect 3‘s New Expanded Endings Have Arrived! Our Impressions

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Expanded cut scenes and a whole new ending entirely await the player ready to pick back up one of the most controversial games in years.

BioWare never said that the ending would completely change, which is why this expansion doesn’t feel all that necessary, despite a few rewards. When I first beat Mass Effect 3, my impression of the ending was that it was a good ending (that is of course only if you chose the synthesis ending as it is the only one that really resolves the issues raised throughout the series) but incredibly under developed.

This expansion adds a few things, like seeing the other planets that the reapers attacked being affected by your choice. Also, we have a few more sequences on the Normandy as they escape the blast of the Crucible and attempt to put Shepard to rest. The Mass Relays are no longer destroyed, just damaged. And that’s about it for the endings we already had. While these expansions do make the original ending better, it still feels pretty cheap.

Now, onto that new ending. It has to be a joke. If you shoot the child that comes through the Crucible the Reapers destroy everything and we get a brief message from Liara to the next civilizations, just as the Protheans left for us. While it mostly seams to be a joke it’s actually pretty sad.

So all in all, had BioWare fixed the problems with Mass Effect 3‘s ending? No, while the additions do make the ending slightly better, it almost just serves as a reminder of the disappointment from three months ago. But the download is free and the new content is in fact better, so once you get over the fact that we had to get this separately, the Mass Effect 3 experience is slightly better.

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