Matthew Vaughn To Direct ‘First Class’ Sequel!

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Reports are coming in all over the net that director Matthew Vaughn will return to direct Fox’s sequel to last summer’s highly successful X-men: First Class.

Simon Kinberg is set to write the script and Bryan Singer will return as producer. Back when First Class came out last June, Vaughn hinted at the ideas he had for a sequel, which he said at the time would be significantly darker than the original. The original cast are all contracted to return.

So where could this sequel possibly go? Could the prequels just become a complete reboot? In a way, I hope so. The worst parts of First Class were some of the strange character selections they chose. A complete reboot might allow for some classic characters, like Cyclops and Jean Grey, to make a fresh, new appearance on the silver screen.

I also hope that they stick to the roots of history and don’t force the sequel too far forward. Another film set in the 1960s or 1970s would be perfect. Perhaps it could show how the reveal of mutants to the world coincides with the ongoing Civil Rights Movement.

I would not expect to see this sequel come together until around summer 2014, maybe 2013 if we are lucky. Make this site your source for all information on the sequel to X-men: First Class! Excited about it? Any ideas of where the story could go? Sound off in the comments’ section!


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