Modern Family: A Slight at the Opera Season 4 Episode 14 Review

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The writing seemed off this week, but the characters stil carried the story just enough to make the episode memorable.

A lot was going on this week on Modern Family, but the writing seemed…different. The jokes had obvious set-ups, the characters had mean one-liners, it felt strange, almost like a Chuck Lorre show (which I despise). But the ending was still very Modern Family, which helped.

Phil has to learn how to play golf for a client meeting and asks Jay to help. Mitch and Pepper (returning guest star Nathan Lane) showed up to show Jay that Mitch is good at sports. This story had its moments, mostly due to Pepper, one of this series’ best recurring guest stars.

Meanwhile, Claire wants to show Phil that she could be in danger when he leaves golf balls lying around. But Haley and Dylan (finally!) take care of Lily and Fulgencio, joking about being parents all the way. Hopefully this leads to a lot more Dylan, despite the fight they had at the end of the episode.

Cam is directing a version of Phantom of the Opera at Manny and Luke’s school and needs a new leading man. This whole thing kind of fell flat. Luke isn’t that good of a singer. Manny was far too confident. It just didn’t work.

Neither did the last story as Gloria visits a psychic with Alex. As if she needed to be blown up anymore. Sure, the reason she goes at the end are “nice”, but Alex’s whole plan to reveal her for a fraud was quite horrible. What does Alex have against Gloria?

Despite a few sweet endings, this was kind of a poor episode. Characters were uncharacteristically mean and the writing was only focused on the punch lines. But at least we had Dylan and Pepper. Grade: C+

By Matt Dougherty

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