Modern Family: Arrested Review

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Modern Family continued its hot streak with another solid episode.

The only disappointing thing about tonight’s episode was the return of Shelley Long. I have to admit, her guest spot roughly once a season has never really excited me. She really only works on one note. It didn’t help that she was paired with pregnant Gloria, possibly the worst decision this show has ever made.

But other than that this episode really worked. The main story saw Haley getting arrested for public drinking, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer. Everyone does their fair share of stupid sh!t in college I guess. Claire, Phil, and Mitch going to help her was a good story as the parents got a chance to be both proud and angry at their daughter.

My only problem was that Haley got kicked out of college so abruptly. It just feels like the actress wanted to get paid more for actually appearing on the show. It’s a major cop out and a big disappointment since so much time was spent getting her there.

Another plotline brought a few characters together who barely get to interact. Cam, Luke, Alex, and Lily all had to go the hospital when Cam feeds Luke soy, which he is allergic to. These dynamics were fantastic and made for a really funny story.

Arrested worked really well for the most part but had a few big missteps. It wasn’t quite as strong as the last few but certainly better than the first few. It will be interesting to see how the show lands in the future. Grade: B

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  1. JimmyMackey says:

    I thought Shelly was practically unrecognizable now that she has aged so much. This episode was lacking in the funny department though; underage drinking is no joke! (LOLROTF!) Haley had to go to college because it was only natural but yes, I read an interview that she likes being on the show. Did you catch the bacon joke; funny, huh? My whole family loves this show, so much, that we set our DISH Hopper to record the series regularly (at the suggestion of my DISH coworker) because there are thousands of hours of HD recording time to use. We can watch it over and over for the years to come too, which is nice because we don’t have to buy the DVD.

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