Modern Family: Best Men Season 4 Episode 17 Review

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The Dunphys steal the spotlight in this fun filled episode.

Even with the declining quality of this once great series, the writers have never forgotten that the kids need to grow up. And as Best Men proved, when that’s in the forefront, this show can still be what it was in the beginning.

Oddly enough, the title story had nothing to do with any of the kids, and wasn’t quite as strong as the others. Although it did bring the return of guest star Elizabeth Banks as Mitch and Cam’s friend Sal. This time, the free spirited, possibly alcoholic woman was getting married. Banks knocks it out of the park once again but Mitch and Cam were a bit on the boring side. At least the wedding ceremony was cute, after the bride and groom admitted to being unfaithful, making their love stronger. Plus the kicker with Sal and Lily arguing was hysterical.

Now onto the kids. Manny wants some time alone with the nanny and tricks Jay and Gloria into going out and leaving them alone. This story had a nice payoff as the nanny shared some important words with Manny about his life and future. Hopefully it will be a growing moment for him because, as Jay points out, he falls in love with every woman he sees.

Luke is also struggling with girls. The conversation with Phil about instant messages, and Phil eventually taking over was perfect. Luke’s at that stage where he over thinks every little thing about romance in his life. Phil’s simplicity was the best answer to that. But the actual date wasn’t all it seemed to be as the girl’s mom did all the talking for her daughter as well. Phil and the single mother have an uncomfortable conversation that leads to yelling and angry poking and prodding. But Luke says that his date wants him more than ever now that her mother forbid it.

The absolute best story of the night was Claire inviting Haley out to dinner. She wonders if her eldest daughter is at that stage yet where her parents are cool again. The Claire/Haley dynamic has barely changed since the first season until now, and what a great change it is. It was refreshing to see Haley act old enough to relate to her mother again. Meanwhile Alex is becoming what Haley once was with her new band.

All three Dunphy kids seems to be hitting the next stage within this episode, and that was great to see. It felt new and fresh again. So even if the other stories were a bit clunky, tonight was a glimpse of what Modern Family could be if it stays on this maturation track. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. nosgoth1979 says:

    Yeah that scene between Claire and Haley was great. That contrast between the heartwarming and funny moments has always been Modern Family’s greatest strength, and it’s the reason I still tune in every week. It’s a great show to keep on your DVR for a little marathon on a rainy day, which is why I’m happy that I’ve been recording all the episodes this season on my DISH Hopper. And since I work at DISH, I was really eager to get one installed and have the opportunity to start using it in my house. The Hopper is a great Whole-Home DVR with a hard drive so huge that it can store up to 2,000 hours of programming. I’ve been able to keep entire seasons of a bunch of my favorite shows, plus a number of movies, and I still haven’t even made a dent in the memory!

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