Modern Family: Bringing Up Baby (Season Premiere) Review

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How did the Emmy winning series start its fourth season? Kind of a dud to be honest.

Bringing Up Baby was not quite as good as Modern Family is known to be, even the somewhat disappointing third season.

The episode saw Gloria preparing to tell Jay about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Phil tries to give Jay the best birthday ever and Cam and Mitch try to get over their issues from last season.

Gloria’s story was the best as the episode wrapped in a way that many episodes do. The whole family got together and Gloria revealed the news. Jay’s reaction was perfect after spending an age-reminding day with Phil.

But other than that, this was a disappointing premiere. Cam and Mitch’s story felt very old, but hopefully this episode ended it once and for all.

Jay and Phil’s fishing trip had a few laughs, but not enough. The rest of the Dunphy’s had a mediocre outing as well. Claire trying to tell her father about Gloria so he wouldn’t react poorly fell flat aside from a few funny flashbacks.

My biggest problem with the episode was that it was one of the least funny episodes of the show. The drama, I have to admit, was better than it usually is but what is this show if it isn’t making you laugh? Certainly not the Emmy winner for Best Comedy.

This episode confirms my worries from last season that this show was running out of steam entirely too soon. But the final moments give hope to what the writers are still capable of doing. Maybe next week they will improve, but if not, this show’s time in the spotlight is limited. Grade: C+

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