Modern Family: “Career Day” Season 4 Episode 21 Review

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Finally! No more hiatuses! Modern Family came back with a surprisingly funny episode that was certainly a step in the right direction.

Career Day‘s titular plotline was a ton of fun, especially the beginning. Phil’s Jurassic Park-esque video talking to himself was one of the better Phil-isms this season. But of course, he is interrupted by his nemesis Gil Thorpe. With some extra time at the school, the teacher asks Claire to chime in on being a stay at home mom. She gets a lot of rude questions from one student, causing Gil to offer her a job. It all seems pretty genuine until he calls Phil saying how he’s going to torture him when he wife works under him. Phil and Claire argue but ultimately, Phil sweetly decides she should have the job.

Granted, Phil’s sweetness was kind of undone by the tag in which Claire instantly quits. It was a jarring return to the status quo that made this end of the episode one that could have bee great.

At least Mitch and Cam dealing with Lily and the Tooth Fairy had some great moments as well. Lily is capable of some easy, but solid laughs on this show. She’s just so dang cute. The best part of this storyline, however, was Haley dressed as the Tooth Fairy.

Lastly, Jay writing his novel could have been better. Not to say it was bad, certainly not nearly as bad as the worst this season has had to offer, just felt like a missed opportunity. The best moment was after Manny stepped in to write and Gloria criticized it knowing Manny had written it and would get visibly upset. But other than that it was a tad dull.

Still though, Career Day was at least quite funny. The characters all felt like themselves and delivered some great laughs throughout the whole 20 minutes. More episodes like this and the show won’t be a lost cause. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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