Modern Family: Diamond in the Rough Review

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A few good ideas can’t distract me from the fact that the writers aren’t even trying anymore with certain characters.

Gloria needs to have this baby and quick. Her over-the-top screaming and singing to her unborn child was excruciatingly painful, and not in a “haha she’s a bad singer” way in a “she’s a bad actress and has no good writing to back her up” way. She has never been more annoying than in this episode, and with the things they’ve done with her in earlier episodes this season, that is saying a lot.

The other big story of the week was Cam and Claire trying to fix up a baseball field and flip a house while Mitch and Phil try to stop them without being the one to stop them. There are actually some good ideas in here, but the execution was pretty poor. Mostly due to a lack of laughs.

The development in the end that they actually bought the house and plan to flip it was interesting and will hopefully give the writers something to work off of in 2013.

The one story that really worked this week sadly had the least screen time. That is Manny and Luke practicing baseball together. Manny had some great moments, including the scene that played over the end credits.

But other than that there was no diamond in the rough in this episode. Gloria has taken over as one of TV’s most annoying characters. Hopefully this can be improved as this lackluster season continues. Grade: C

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