‘Modern Family: Disneyland’ Review

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What a great episode of this show, even if it was gimmicky and mostly just a commercial for Disneyland.

Every plot this week felt significant to the characters that surrounded them while also being hilarious. Much like a family trip to Disney, Disneyland was an episode full of fun with a few hints of family drama, making for one of the best episodes of Modern Family this season. Each of the characters this week was set up in small groups consisting of both young and old. Phil and Luke wanted to go on all of the big rides together. Claire was trying to set Haley up with a nice boy who works much better for Alex. Cam and Mitch deal with judging glares as they walk Lily around on a leash. Gloria tries to get Manny to live in the moment instead of on his phone. Meanwhile, Jay just sat back and remembered his last trip to Disneyland.

Phil was having issues keeping up with Luke and started to worry if it was because of his age. The funniest moment was the camera set up in front of them on the rollercoaster and just watching Phil’s expression worsen as the ride went on. Classic.

The story with Claire and Haley was cute as Dylan showed up once more while Claire was trying to get Haley to see someone nicer. Watching her react to Alex talking to the nice boy was hysterical. This was a fun little story that very much fit what this show is all about.

But the best story this week by far was Lily’s leash. We have all judged them and now finally someone has taken the next level and written a television episode about it. I don’t know how much the young actress is really acting, but she did a wonderful job every time she was hooked onto the leash.

Jay’s solo story was nice as we finally got some details of how he divorced his ex-wife. Plus he had some great anecdotes from the past trip he took with Claire and Mitch. The only weak story was Gloria and Manny’s as this is something we have just seen a few too many times. But it was a small enough part of the episode that it did not matter.

Disneyland was the first classic episode we have gotten in a while on Modern Family. Hopefully the trend continues with the last two episodes of the season. (9.5/10)

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  1. anon says:

    I loved watching this episode of Modern Family! Mitch and Cam are my favorite on the show, they are so funny! I work at Dish during the week so I use to not be able to watch all the primetime shows but now that I got my Hopper I can! I get to record all the primetime shows without an issue. It’s nice being able to come home and being able to watch my primetime shows on my DVR commercial free form Dish with the Auto Hop feature. I can get right to the funny business without wasting time.

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