‘Modern Family: Election Day’ Review

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ABC’s hit comedy returned this week with a funny and surprisingly touching episode that reminded us how much we loved these characters in the first place.

Season three has inserted a couple of little threads to insert continuity like never before. Even though this election may not have been the best way to do it, I enjoyed that there was a story to follow with these great characters. The other thread followed in this episode was Haley’s college application process. Sadly, neither plot really had an upbeat ending, but as Modern Family has always taught us, sometimes its the little victories that count the most. But both stories had incredibly touching endings without being overzealous on the sappiness.

In terms of laughs this episode was kind of up and down. The election plot was pretty mediocre except for the ending. Claire losing her tooth was funny but simple. Her “drunk” voice was pretty hysterical to hear over the radio though.

Jay’s story this week was just settling for mediocrity. The plot was boring and oddly out of character for the show. Since when would Jay be afraid of seeing anyone from his past? This was the worst part of the episode by far.

But the best part was absolutely brilliant. Mitch and Cam driving around with the megaphone telling people what to do was one of the funnier plot we’ve seen for them this season. Watching this progress into madness was great.

Election Day was neither the best nor the worst episode of this season simply because not every plot line worked as well as it could have. However, I like that some seeds of continuity are being planted. I think this could be a great way to tell some new stories for a show that oddly seems to be struggling while only in its third season. (8/10)

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