Modern Family: “Games People Play” Season 4 Episode 23 Review

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Modern Family leads into the season finale with an episode that was much more like the rest of season four, lackluster.

I do commend it, however, for having the running theme of inheriting traits from your parents. Having the various characters say it throughout the episode was a clever way to link the stories.

The road trip story following Phil and Claire’s debate over whether their family would survive had its moments. The three other dads peering over the view of the ocean was actually quite funny. The revelations from the three kids were sweet I suppose, but the whole story just never delivered enough laughs or heart to really take hold.

Jay, Gloria, and Manny invading the Dunphy’s home just seemed out of character. It didn’t help that the show resorted to Gloria yelling in a funny accent for so long in the beginning. But as I said, the theme of inheriting traits from your parents rang true here as well, and that was a good thing.

The true saving grace of the episode was Mitch and Cam supporting Lily in her gymnastics pursuits. Them being the parents everyone hates (and if you ever played sports as a kid you know who they are) was really funny. Plus Lily was just so adorable when she ran over to help the fallen girl. Making it a hysterical twist when her dads scold her after misunderstanding what happened.

But still, this episode felt more like the rest of the season, rather than last week’s outstanding episode. With next week being the season finale, the writers will need to pull off something big for me to stick around for season five. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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