Modern Family: Heart Broken Season 4 Episode 15 Review

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Modern Family ditched its typical format for a peek at how the three chief couples celebrated Valentine’s Day differently.

The first story started with Phil and Claire’s tradition of going to a hotel and pretending not to know each other. It’s a sweet gag we’ve seen almost every year now and it hasn’t lost any steam. But this year, Claire has a minor heart issue and needs to be taken to the hospital. But the whole thing was really incoherent. For example, why don’t the kids know they are home before throwing a party? There were a lot of ideas that just didn’t come together in this type of format.

Luckily, Jay and Gloria fared much better. The show rarely dives into why their marriage works and just how their sexual relationship is. But it was both funny and endearing to show exactly what about Jay turns on Gloria. Plus the various interruptions were a lot of fun too.

Lastly, Cam and Mitch throw a party and in the style of The Hangover, wake up with a bunch of weird things around them, including their neighbors Christmas ornaments that have yet to be taken down, a cat who’s fur is dyed pink, and Dylan, who claims to have moved in with their approval. Any appearance from Dylan is always welcome, especially if he is going to sing one of his always hilarious songs.

So aside from an awkward, poorly edited beginning, Heart Broken continued the tradition of really well done Valentine’s Day episodes for the show. They also proved that with some better material, this format would totally work if used sparingly. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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