‘Modern Family: Leap Day’ Review

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Leap Day was one of the better episodes of season three thus far, which basically means it was a classic. The episode was more focused, having less jumping storylines than we have seen lately and was consistently funny. Any episode of Modern Family that achieves that is fantastic television.

Leap Day stuck with three plots, one for each household, as the entire family celebrated Leap Day. Phil wanted to take the whole family to learn trapeze. Jay and Gloria went to a bar to watch a soccer game. And Mitch had to plan Cam’s birthday party, which, since it’s February 29th, only comes every four years.

The Dunphy house delivered the most laughs this week as the three girls found themselves on the same “cycle”, leaving Phil, Luke, and Manny to tip-toe around them. The sequence where Luke tries to use fake blood to get away from the girls was the highlight of the episode.

Meanwhile, Jay got upset in a bar when Gloria hinted that she wanted him to fight a guy she got into a spat with. We have not seen these two work well together for a while, but this episode brought that back.

The last story was pretty great too, as Mitch had to run around like crazy to switch up his party’s theme at the last minute. Cam’s reactions at the climax of the episode were hilarious. The whole climax actually was pretty great, with Mitch realizing what Cam really wanted, Phil explaining his pain, and Jay trying to fight the captain.

Leap Day was a fantastic episode of the show. Season three seems to be picking up, redeeming some of the lackluster episodes from the first half of the season. Keep ’em coming! (9/10)

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