‘Modern Family: Little Bo Bleep’ Review

As of late, Modern Family has seen a significant dip in quality that most shows get around their firth season in only their third. That is until now. Little Bo Bleep was a great return to form for the show and easily the best episode this season.

Since it was announced that Lily would talk this season I have been waiting for the writers to take advantage of it and finally they did. Cam and Mitch had a little problem with their adopted daughter this week when she started saying the F-word. However, instead of getting telling her not to say it, Cam couldn’t stop laughing, and neither could I. The predictability of the ending to this plot didn’t make it any less hilarious. I also have to mention Lily’s flower girl dress which, as Luke said, looked like a “Light Bright”. Comedy gold.

Also happening this week was Claire’s debate against opponent for public office, guest returner David Cross. The opening scene where the family tore Claire apart with all of her negative mannerisms was hysterical. The debate itself went about as badly as it could have gone, and watching Claire try to contain these mannerisms in front of an audience was side-splitting.

The last story this week saw Jay worried about their dog Stella because she repeatedly jumps into the pool. David Cross suggests to them that Stella is unhappy and trying to commit suicide. Watching Jay dote on the dog instead of Gloria was a nice touch, but Gloria jumping in the pool to save Stella was the icing on the cake.

Little Bo Bleep was a perfect reminder of just how funny Modern Family can be while have well placed moments of heart. Hopefully the rest of season three will follow suit and place this show as the king of comedy once more. (10/10)

photo credit: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/television/modern-family-episode-features-cursing-toddler-fire-anti-profanity-crusader-article-1.1008233


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