‘Modern Family: Me? Jealous?’ Review

Photo Credit: http://www.tvfanatic.com/shows/modern-family/episodes/season_3/me-jealous/

Modern Family returned this week with a fun episode showcasing a lot of old dynamics in funny situation, including one of the best pairs on the show, Cameron and Gloria.

Cam and Mitch’s house is being fumigated so they find themselves living under the roof of Jay and Gloria. We have seen Cam and Gloria interact before but this week we got some of their best material. Gloria kept mothering Lily while Cam kept commenting on the decorations in the house. Their silent feud culminated in a hysterical sequence with them cooking together that started out tense and ended up fun. I also loved Manny’s attempt at reconciliation with the two of them.

Another good story this week saw Greg Kinnear guest star as a potential business partner for Phil who gets a bit too comfortable with Claire, kissing her on the lips every time he comes and goes. This plot started out a bit slow but had a funny ending as we realized how natural it was.

The last story had Mitch on a business meeting with a radio personality that Jay was a big fan of back in the day. This plot really went nowhere though and felt like kind of a waste. However, I did like Mitch’s reference to Manny’s fake girl that he had been using to fix Cam and Gloria’s problems.

Me? Jealous? wasn’t a great episode of the show but it had some big laughs and gave us a few classic one-liners. On another note, Modern Family will finally be back every Wednesday for a while. New episodes had been skimpy since the New Year, but now season three is in the home stretch. (8/10)

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