Modern Family: Mistery Date Review

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Just when the season really started to turn itself around we get this, possibly the worst episode in this unbearably uneven season yet.

None of the stories in Mistery Date had any resemblance of greatness. The one that came the closest was Phil hanging out with guest star Matthew Broderick. The Producers star fit in well with the show. He played a single gay friend of Cam’s. When he met Phil at the gym, things were clearly going in one direction as Broderick got on the phone with Cam. It was now assumed that he was going to Phil’s house for a date.

The scenes at the house had some funny moments, but mostly cheap humor. It seemed too easy to have Phil spill a drink on Broderick, forcing the two of them to take off their shirts. The writers could really have done more with this, especially since Broderick left before anyone else could show up or anything interesting could happen.

As for the rest of the cast, tonight was bad. Claire and Alex’s story was poorly done as it just made Claire out to be really self centered and annoying, something we know from over three seasons that she is not.

Luke and Manny sneaking into the bat mitzvah to talk to a few girls also seemed like a missed opportunity. Their chemistry has been a lot better in the past but this just went no where.

Meanwhile, back in pregnant Gloria land, Mitch and Jay had yet another uncomfortable father-son story. How many times do they need to do this before it goes away? Also, Jay hugging a man in a bunny costume and talking to a therapist is way out of character from the tough guy we saw in the last few seasons.

As for the mural in their new baby room, that was completely ridiculous. As flamboyant as Cam is, even he would never believe that Jay and Gloria would like the painting. Then Gloria did like it, and Jay faked liking it. This show has turned so soft, making it a shell of what it once was two years ago.

Mistery Date was not only one of the worst episodes of the season, it was one of the worst episodes of the show. Hopefully they can go back to the quality they have been producing the last few weeks. Grade: C-

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