Modern Family: New Year’s Eve Review

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Modern Family started the new year off right with a unique holiday special that featured a ton of great moments from just about every character.

As the fourth season progresses, the only word that really comes to mind to describe it is rocky. But hopefully this episode is a resolution of sorts to be better in 2013. All the adults plan to spend New Years together, even though they may not want to. That leaves the kids to fend for themselves when the clock strokes midnight.

But when the three couples all find better things to do, hilarity ensues. Mitch and Cam are the oldest guys in the bar and have some great moments as they try and fit in. But they eventually put themselves in a much older gay bar, where men send them drink and compliment their looks. It was fun seeing these two try and go out, and actually succeed for once.

Jay has to put Gloria to bed (thank you for that) and end up playing poker with Billy Dee Williams. I admire the writers for not making easy Star Wars jokes for most of the episode and saving it for Phil to geek out in a post credits closing scene.

Finally, Phil and Claire haven’t had sex in a month, and Claire is ready to go. It was the weakest point of the night and luckily, the one with the smallest screen time.

But the best story was Haley and Alex watching the kids. Luke and Manny bringing over dates was surprisingly adult, something Haley and Alex aren’t comfortable with. Everything in this story was perfect. From Manny trying to woo his unfriendly date to Lily running amuck, this was one of my favorite things on this show all season.

New Year’s Eve is hopefully the start of something new in 2013. Maybe Modern Family can get back on track and deliver the caliber of comedy we’ve come to know and love. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. Brett Dale says:

    Loved this episode, thought the highlight, was Haley being mature while looking after Luke.

    For myself, this has been my favorite season so far. Cant wait for the rest of it.

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