Modern Family: Open House of Horrors Review

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Finally! The folks at Modern Family get back on track just in time for Halloween!

After four mediocre to nearly bad episodes, ABC’s Emmy winning comedy managed to pull out all the stops and do their best Halloween episode yet.

Phil and Claire stole the show tonight. Once Phil told Claire that she wasn’t scary, she was obviously up for the challenge. After a hilarious flashback to Claire’s last Halloween, Phil had to head to his open house. Claire trying not to scar children as Little Bo Peep and miraculously failing was brilliant. But then we got a classic dual between Claire and her husband as she tried to scare him in the open house. When the family began touring it only got better, followed by a surprisingly intense scene of Phil wandering the house alone. Simply fantastic.

Cam and Mitch had an important story to tell this week too as Lily started asking about her birth mother. It was nice that they physically could not do a story like this when the show started. They handled the situation as well as you would expect them too, telling Lily her mother is a princess. Luckily the remedied it by the end in a touching conversation where Eric Stonestreet demonstrated once again why he has a golden statue.

The weakest plot of the episode naturally went to pregnant Gloria, who has been an annoyance all season so far. Thankfully the plot was the least prevalent of the three.

Open House of Horrors delivered the first classic of season four, and really, the first good episode. Keep ’em coming! Grade: A-

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