Modern Family: Party Crasher Review

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2013 appears to be the year of Modern Family‘s redemption as the show delivers it’s best episode in about a year.

All three stories tonight had just enough of what makes this show so lovable to begin with. Haley is dating a sceavy new older man and Phil can’t handle it but Claire explains she did the same thing to her dad and they should ignore it. Cam begins to fit in at work and worries Lily is beginning to favor Mitch. Gloria wants to throw the perfect surprise birthday party for Manny. They all sound simple, but they all worked because they delivered on the show’s original promise: a blend of dark humor and sweet family moments.

Watching Phil freak out about Haley’s boyfriend had some laugh out loud moments as Claire had to try and keep calming him down. But it all ended with Claire being right, and Haley running back to her exclaiming “you were going to let me go with him?!”. Phil and Haley got a cute moment after watching creepy sexual movement between the disgusting Kenny and his daughter.

Mitch and Cam’s story delivered some brilliant physical comedy as tiny Lily kept getting injured by Cam. It became predictable but the young actress was such a trooper for the whole thing that it was worth it seeing how far the wanted to take it.

Now, for the story of the night, I have to praise ABC for barely teasing Gloria giving birth and using it as an excuse to get ratings. It made the ending a surprise and actually quite emotional. As Jay summed up the events of the episode in typical form, we got clips of major events from the series’ past all culminating in the reveal of the newborn baby. Not a dry eye in the house.

Modern Family appears to be on a comeback tour this year by delivering surprising and engaging material. Party Crasher is a monumental episode for the show as this modern family expands, and will likely go down as one of their best. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. Brett Dale says:

    Totally 100% agree, this episode was one of my favorite episodes of all time for Modern Family.

    When Phil came out of elevator, that was such a sweet tender moment.

    Cam’s line about marrying his daughter was the highlight of the night.

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