Modern Family: Schooled Review

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Modern Family continued with a funny episode that had some big moments.

This episode started out hysterical with the respective families preparing to send off Haley and Lily to college and pre-school. Phil predicting his reaction was as great as Cam threatening another child on the playground.

The pre-school story continued hysterically Cam and Mitch explaining why gay men don’t mix with gay women. The child who harmed Lily’s parents turned out to be lesbians. The scene in the house was pretty hysterical as the two couple did their best to get along. As the kids went missing, Cam hilariously stated how the two couples learned to get along with the half of the lesbian couple he wasn’t getting along with.

Meanwhile, Phil continued to have a hard time with getting Haley settled in. Then he grabbed Haley’s roommate’s butt thinking it was Claire’s. Then all of the condoms they packed spilled onto the floor. It was the laugh out loud moment of the episode. Sadly, the goodbye between Haley and her parents was completely underwhelming. But the ending made up for it, even if it was a little cliche.

But there was one weak story in this episode as Jay and Gloria went to a parenting class. Yeah, it’s been a while since they have taken care of a baby, but this story felt so forced. The same goes for when Manny worried about losing attention.

Schooled was a nice improvement over the season premiere. I expect more from Gloria’s pregnancy, but there is still plenty of time to do something with that. Stay tuned for my review of the second episode tonight. Grade: B


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  1. Brett Dale says:

    Best episode of the season, and one of their all time classics, it may be cheesy, but I love the tender moments near the end.

    Phil once again, stole the episode.

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