‘Modern Family: Send Out the Clowns’ Review

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Modern Family is at its best when episodes only have a couple storylines that each involve a handful of characters. Send Out the Clowns was a great example of this and also brought us the return of Fizbo the Clown.

This episode started out with a hilarious funeral (how many times do I get to write that in a review?) for Cam’s clown school professor. Watching the clowns all pay tribute to the man in ridiculous and hysterical ways was classic. This storyline continued with Cam reuniting with his former clown partner for birthday parties. I loved watching them entertain Lily, much to Mitch’s dismay. But the ending was perfect as we saw Cam put his clown to bed for his daughter. Modern Family rarely does much character growth, making this a rare, yet completely satisfying feeling for this show.

Meanwhile, at the Dunphy house, Phil’s main real estate competitor was causing problems for him. Luke suggested that his father not play by the rules, just as his competitor does. Claire objected, saying that Phil would never do such a thing, making it all the more funny when Phil shushed her. It was great to see Phil and Luke working together again, playing on both of their strengths to get what they want.

The weakest plot this week saw Manny hanging out with the coolest kid in school, and his parents wondering why. Jay’s Fonzie outfit was a bit too out of character for my liking. While it was funny that the kid was there to look at Gloria’s breasts, I do not like how the show just uses her for plotlines like that or just pertaining to her accent. Oh well, we did get to see Manny holding two sparklers singing and dancing in a horse costume.

Send Out the Clowns continued to reignite the flame of this show and make season three memorable. It was definitely a classic and one of the better episodes of the season. (9/10)

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