Modern Family: Snip Review

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Modern Family continued the night with another decent episode.

Once again, Cam and Mitch were a delight to watch as Cam bugs Mitch all the time now that Lily is in pre-school. The couple’s scene in the store was fantastic. Cam continues to steal scenes even in the fourth season. His explanation of the mermaid costume for the cat was brilliant. I am also happy to see Cam moving forward and getting a job as a music teacher.

The Dunphys had a decent second episode tonight. Alex and Haley video chat banter was classic. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire decided that Phil should get a vasectomy. It kind of went nowhere and was completely predictable all the way through. I did however enjoy that the ad on the bench read “Not a real man” once Phil sat down on it.

Alex’s goth story, on the other hand, was pretty hysterical. With Haley gone I am glad to see her character evolving a bit to pick up some of the slack. It also ended with a cute moment of Alex and Haley praising their mother.

Gloria’s pregnancy continues to be an annoying plotline. Seriously, how many other sitcoms have done the couple disagreeing about whether they want to know the sex of the baby? Also Gloria’s belly looks fake and unnatural. She is beginning to become seriously overused.

Of the two episodes that aired tonight, this was the worse won. It didn’t pack the laughs as much as Schooled, but still had a few nice moments. Grade: B-

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