‘Modern Family: Tableau Vivant’ Review

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This week Modern Family had the whole family getting together for Alex’s art project. Yeah, it was honestly just as boring as that sounds.

Season three of this show has been a mixed bag and this episode was definitely one of the weaker ones. After last week’s classic which saw the family take a trip to Disneyland, Tableau Vivant was a disappointing lead in to next week’s finale.

Everything just seemed really disorganized in this episode. Claire and Cam clashed over parenting advice. Phil and Mitch clashed over working together. Luke and Manny clashed over a lie. Jay and Gloria clashed over what they usually clash over. And Alex clashed with everyone. There was just way too much going on for any particular storyline to build to anything interesting, save for a few chuckle worthy moments.

The best plot this week by far was Luke and Manny debating whether Luke deserved the medal for putting out the fire he started. The way the truth of the nature was revealed was hysterical, as was Luke’s outfit and general approach to the whole thing.

Phil and Mitch’s story was decent too as they misunderstood each other on the matter of Mitch’s future at Phil’s company. It was funny hearing all of Phil’s co-workers refer to Mitch as the lazy guy, but this was a story that suffered from having too little time to develop.

Claire and Cam’s story was way too cliche as they fought over parenting issues. Sure, there was some enjoyment to be had with Lily getting ever closer to the switch that turned on the garbage disposal that Cam was stuck in. But other than that this just felt completely unoriginal.

Jay and Gloria are becoming downright annoying. This week saw them arguing about the little things you don’t tell your spouse to maintain the peace. Sigh.

Alex’s project had a few funny moments as the family got together and had to stay still while all trying to argue. But all in all, this was a boring episode. Next week’s season finale is going to need to remind viewers why they love this show if they want the ratings to stay high in the fall. (6/10)

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  1. Nosgoth1979 says:

    Well it definitely wasn’t the highlight of the season, but I seemed to have enjoyed this episode a lot more than you did. That exchange between Mitchell and Phil had me busting up. I suppose part of why I liked it may have had to do with the fact that this was the first show where I used the new Auto Hop feature that was added to my DVR. I feel fortunate to have been chosen to be an employee beta tester of the new Hopper DVR, especially because it seems to be getting better all the time. Now with Auto Hop, I can choose to skip the commercials on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX). I think this episode of Modern Family flowed really well without the interruptions, and maybe that’s a small part of why you didn’t like it as much?

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