Modern Family: The Future Dunphys Season 4 Episode 19 Review

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Two clever stories allow for something we rarely see on this show anymore, uncovered ground.

When Claire has a minor heart scare, Phil notices something about her hospital roommate’s kids. They are older versions of Haley, Alex, and Luke. Watching these older versions interact and having the parents freak out about what big screw ups they are and how much they don’t like their mom was hysterical. It’s hilarious seeing and older Alex try and set her sister off.

The other remarkable story tonight was Lily claiming she was gay. We also saw her shove oranges in her shirt and ask “When do I get real boobs?”. Meanwhile Mitch hysterically almost reveals that she is adopted. This leads to Mitch, Cam, and Gloria taking her to a Vietnamese restaurant to get acclimated with her culture. Lily says things like “I hate Vietnam” in a crowded restaurant, but it turns out she only said she was gay so she could be more like her dads. It’s adorable, especially when Cam tells her that making a scene in a restaurant is exactly what her dads would do.

The final, and least effective part of the episode was Manny’s interview at a prep school with Jay escorting him. In a lesser episode this plotline may have played better, but it was harshly overshadowed by the two other stories. It doesn’t help that Manny’s interview fell almost completely flat.

Still though, The Future Dunphys was one of the better entires of the season. It’s not quite a classic, but what is nowadays? Grade: B+

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