‘Modern Family: The Last Walt’ Review

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Season three delivered yet another entirely too busy episode of Modern Family.

Here is a list of all the things that happened this week: Mitch and Cam had both of their dads competing at a rare family dinner, Luke’s elderly neighbor and friend died making Claire try and get emotion out of him, Phil tried to spend a day with Alex, and Haley threw a party at Jay and Gloria’s with Manny as the chaperone. To be honest, only the first of those stories really got all the screentime it deserved.

With Cam’s father coming into town, Mitch wanted to get Jay together with them, despite some past disagreements. the family dinner was hysterical as Jay finally revealed that he doesn’t like Cam’s dad because he treats Mitch like the woman in their relationship. This lead to a competition of which father was actually the most masculine and then an incredibly real conversation between them about their sons. This was a great story and it felt completely fulfilled when the credits began to roll, something rare recently on Modern Family. But everything else was kind of a mess.

Luke’s friend dying was a weird plot largely because the Luke I have been watching for almost three full seasons now would feel sad in this situation. Of course he ended up feeling sad in the end, but this was just more of a vehicle for Claire to try and get emotion out of her son. I will say, however, that whenever Claire smiled as she told someone about their neighbor’s death, I cracked up.

Phil and Alex’s story was weird too because there has never been a point on this show where I thought that Phil was doing a disservice to her. Again, this plot had its moments, such as Phil trying to induce child labor on their waitress just for the experience. But overall, it just didn’t feel all that much like Modern Family.

The plot that got the short end of the stick the worst was Haley’s party. The idea is fantastic having Manny chaperone that party, but we really only got two scenes of it. This was something the writers could have ran with but now it just feels like a missed opportunity.

The Last Walt was a weaker episode mostly because a lot of it just did not feel like the show we have grown to love. Sure the plot with the two fathers was great, but everything else really fell flat aside from a few moment. With only four episodes left in the season, I hope that the writers can bring back what made this show so great to begin with. (7/10)

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