‘Modern Family: Virgin Territory’ Review

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Tonight’s Modern Family was an extremely busy episode. Most of the family was broken up into pairs to take part in their own storylines. Some of them worked better than others, but overall, Virgin Territory was a pretty solid episode of the show.

The main story followed Phil finding out that Haley was no longer a virgin, and meanwhile taking Lily to the doll store to buy a new doll after her old one broke. This plot was only alright, as Phil only had a few truly funny lines and mostly just stared off into space.

Another story this week saw Mitch confessing to Jay that he got bored on a golf course with him once and kicked in a ball that Jay had thought was a hole in one. This plot was the weakest of the episode and stopped the momentum dead anytime it came up. Luckily most of the other storylines were pretty hysterical.

I have to admit that Gloria seeking Claire’s approval is getting really old really fast, but the true nature behind Claire’s “yoga class” was brilliant. Watching Gloria take part immediately after was also hysterical. So while this one had a weak start, the end was pitch perfect.

Another great plot (that probably got the least screentime) was Cameron’s search for his tupperware that he lent to Claire. Watching him continually try and get rid of different family members was funny, as was his eventual crash.

But the best plot this week went to Manny and Luke who started off deciding that Lily was taking all of the attention away from them, and then escalated into them trying to be “bad boys” by driving a car. Manny wanted to drive by a girl he likes’ lemonade stand. This was the standout sequence of the episode, especially when he had to back up and see her again.

Virgin Territory was a bit too busy for my taste. But more often than not, the characters delivered some great comedy making for a pretty decent episode. (7.5/10)


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