Modern Family: When a Tree Falls Review

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This season is proving to be even more of a rollercoaster with this great episode following possibly the worst.

Even with the break last week, the bad taste in my mouth was still present from Mistery Date, the previous episode which I am willing to declare the worst episode of Modern Family. But then we get material like When a Tree Falls that reminds us why we loved the show to begin with.

This was a consistently funny episode that offered multiple charming stories.

The best of those was Alex and Haley’s embarrassing Facebook photo battle. The pictures of Alex were hysterical, as was Alex’s attempts to catch Haley at an inopportune moment while she was doing community service. The plot was basic, but it sort of modernized the typical sister relationship we have seen on plenty of sitcoms before it.

Meanwhile, the boys also got competitive as Phil and Jay took Luke and Manny to a birthday party. Manny had a hard time fitting in with the other boys while Phil and Jay ragged on each other in front of other men. Naturally this led to an over-the-top boxing match with huge gloves. Phil taking control of the ring was a great moment because Jay almost never loses anything that bad, especially to Phil.

The title of the episode dealt with Cam’s mission to save a tree that has a lot of sentimental value for he and his family. As Mitch pointed out, Cam never finishes anything he starts and Mitch always has to do so. Cam counteracting this, showing up in a cat costume, was a nice move for the character and was a rare plot that I actually felt moved their relationship forward.

Gloria’s pregnancy finally got some good use this week as Claire accidentally shoplifted and was nearly arrested. Gloria pretended that her water broke to get them out of it. Too bad Claire was terribly annoying this week. Her schtick of talking to everyone like they are her kids is getting old fast.

But other than that this was a really fun episode in this rollercoaster of a season. Hopefully this kind of quality can be kept up in the future. Grade: B+


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