Modern Family: Yard Sale Review

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Modern Family continued the spirit of last week by delivering another great episode that had a lot of hilarious moments.

Several great little stories came through the family this week as they tried to do a yard sale. Phil got a motorcycle. Alex questioned her boyfriend’s sexuality. A secret of Gloria’s was revealed. Each of these had great moments and made for another great episode.

The main story saw Claire trying to tell Alex that her boyfriend is gay. Once she enlists the help of Cam and Mitch, they determine that he is in fact gay. Hearing them both talk about the time before they came out was hysterical. As was Alex’s discomfort. But then we got a great scene where she just asks him and he gets offended. Turns out everyone was wrong. Nicely done Modern Family.

Phil on the motorcycle was classic. It was also one of the few stories that involved just one member of the family. His cries while he was stuck under his bike were hilarious, as was his missing pant leg when he finally returned home. Great stuff.

The only story that had a few hiccups was Gloria’s. Since about midway through season two, the writers have really struggled to handle her and maker he real. They seemed on the right track but then the climax went right back to it. Manny and Luke were great though. The puppet was an interesting move but then Gloria’s performance was really poor.

But still, Yard Sale was a vast improvement over what we have been getting before last week’s episode. Hopefully they can stay on this track. Grade: B+

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