Mr. Robot: “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z” Season 2 Finale Review

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What has Mr. Robot season two been building to this whole time? The execution of the Dark Army’s Stage 2? The end of fsociety? Elliot confronting his contradicting realities? That’s what it seemed like, right? Well, after 11 meandering episodes, the season finale continues the trend and meanders to its closing moments, which offer no release to any of the season’s big, tension-fueling questions. Not a single real answer. Instead, we’re treated to more of the same. Gorgeous visuals accompany philosophical rants that scream half-true ideologies that really do nothing for the rest of the series. It’s time to admit that Mr. Robot is just a bad show, though one that masquerades as a great one.

Most of the finale, which ran about 10 minutes shorter than a normal episode for those watching live, was split between Elliot debating whether Tyrell was really there and Dom questioning an alive and well Darlene. There was no Angela until the last scene, which was one of the few things this finale pulled off nicely. But the E Corp executives and their comic book monologuing were left out entirely, as was Whiterose’s evil syrupy monotone. Joanne got beat up and potentially ruined Scott’s career, but even that storyline lacked any form of true conclusion.

The most action happened in Elliot’s mind games. As he learned through Tyrell what Stage 2 was, the detonation of enough explosives to level a building to erase every document E Corp is using to keep the world turning after Five/Nine, he questioned whether this was truly his plan or not. The plan may just be a more violent version of season one’s plan, but the three-way confrontation between Elliot, Mr. Robot, and Tyrell was excellent. Tension came from the fact that Tyrell could literally just not be there. We had seen Mr. Robot shoot Elliot with a gun way earlier in the season. But as our hero’s human side came through, after realizing this plan he didn’t even know he created would kill a whole lot of people, it was rewarding to see him stand his ground. So Tyrell shoots him. Elliot falls to the ground and Mr. Robot starts to flicker away. Make no mistake, Rami Malek just won an Emmy on Sunday, Elliot isn’t going anywhere. This cliffhanger is more annoying than anything else. You can hear in Tyrell’s voice after Angela says she wants to be the first person he sees when he wakes up that he’s not sure Elliot is even waking up. We all know he is, unless Mr. Robot is suddenly getting rid of its most marketable star after a season that didn’t sit well with a lot of fans.

But even more annoying was Darlene’s long-winded interrogation. It’s clear Dom knows who she is, but these scenes could have been cut down to get to Darlene’s “Oh, shit” moment much sooner, or even earlier in the season when it could have meant something. The best thing these scenes had going for them was the lights that increasingly flickered like a countdown clock. Of course, the season ends on the streets blacking out as Angela goes to meet Tyrell with no signal that Stage 2 actually went through. Angela’s role now, especially after her face-off with Whiterose last week, is all the more interesting. But did it have to take this long to get here? What was the purpose of the scenes this season that really took us nowhere when we were just going to end with three massive climaxes? Maybe Elliot is dead, maybe fscoiety is done, maybe there was a massive terrorist attack. The only answer we got in the finale was that Tyrell is in fact alive. Otherwise, this was a lazy cap to a beyond lazy season that is just going to let all the big questions get answered next year. But by waiting so long, the writers may have lost the trust in their viewers that they’ll even eventually get answers. That’s a loss that could cost them. Finale Grade: C+ / Season Grade: C

Some Other Notes:

  • The post-credits scene was another frustrating moment. Mobley and Trenton sit around elsewhere discussing a way to change everything back to the way it was before Five/Nine, proving that Mr. Robot is just gong around in circles.
  • Thanks for reading along all season. Unfortunately, this season was a pretty massive letdown, meaning this will likely be the last episode of the show we cover. But we’ll be covering a lot of much better shows all year, so please come back to see our reviews about everything from Game of Thrones to South Park.

By Matt Dougherty

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