Nashville: I’m Sorry for You, My Friend Review

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Nashville stumbles this week with a few too many soapy elements.

After a fun opening scene of Rayna and Juliette at a press conference for their new tour, the episode settled into the stories it would tell this week.

Juliette is still dealing with her decision to call off her wedding. Teddy has to move forward with the election without Rayna. Gunnar has to take care of some family business in Texas. Deacon and Scarlett get into some trouble. And the tour finally kicks off.

This episode felt more soapy than I felt comfortable with. Many have praised the show for its soapy feel, but there’s a difference between a primetime drama that feel soapy and a soap opera, and this week Nashville came dangerously close to the latter.

Probably because Rayna wasn’t at the forefront and Julietter shared the spotlight with a multitude of side characters. I’m all for developing characters like Gunnar and Avery, but both of their stories felt so useless this week. Gunnar was getting his brother out of prison, therefore giving him a “dark past”, but I have a feeling that the writers didn’t really ask themselves if he needed one.

Deacon and Scarlett’s issues with a rock group was another unnecessary sequence because Deacon is already developed well enough that the whole thing was entirely predictable.

Avery having trouble with his manager was the only soapy plot I really didn’t hate because it felt like a peek into the music industry rather than pointless character development.

Luckily Juliette’s marriage is still capable of holding my attention as to not kill the episode.

The same goes for Rayna’s marriage, as she flew home for Teddy’s victorious election, maintaining her status as the most likable character on the show.

But at least the tour started, giving us scenes of both Rayna and Juliette rocking out and showing their skillful stage presence. Nashville has always been best when these two are front and center, and this week was yet another testament to that.

I’m Sorry for You, My Friend definitely had some turning points, but did too much soapy meandering to be one of the best episodes of the show. But at least the tour is finally kicking in, which is certainly giving Nashville some new fire to burn. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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