Nashville: Someday You’ll Call My Name Review

Callie Khouri’s country drama debuted another strong episode tonight, proving that just when you think someone’s changed, they turn back to their old tricks.

Tonight’s show played out almost like a dramatic, musical version of Modern Family (Modern Family: Dramatic Country Music Edition…take notes Hollywood!), with each “group” dealing with their own set of problems.

First there was the Condrad-James family.   Rayna isn’t so sure about her new, stripped-down tour.  Her feelings for Deacon rose to the surface when she performed with him at the Blue Bird, and she doesn’t want to go back down that road.  In a tender and poignant scene, Rayna tells Deacon she doesn’t know which move to make next because her heart is still in pieces.  The two really do have great onscreen chemistry together.  Connie Britton, you can do no wrong.

Unfortunately for Rayna, her only other option is to jump on Juliette’s mega-tour.  Her husband Gordon Gekko Teddy’s bad investments are coming back to haunt him and he’s unable to take out a line of credit to finance his campaign.  She even comes thisclose to borrowing money from her father when she discovers her late mother was unfaithful to him and he’s been hurting ever since.  But, as per usual, he reminds her that he’s kind of a total as*hole and she moves on.

Then there’s the Barnes family.  Juliette wants to add a new member to the group and his name is Deacon Clayborne.  They finally record the song they wrote together and it sounds amazing.  The problem is, he’s not interested.  He likes Juliette well enough, but there’s something about Rayna that he just can’t shake.  Eventually she stops persisting, and says in simple finality, “I hope she’s worth what you’re giving up.”

Speaking of persistance, Juliette’s junkie mother turns up out of the blue and desperately tries to get her daughter’s attention.  After ignoring her several times, and trying to send her away, Juliette is forced to take Mama Barnes in after she’s arrested for assaulting someone at a bus stop.  Though this obviously spells trouble for Juliette, I’m very interested at the layers this new dynamic will expose.  Not to mention, her mother’s presence causes Juliette to do some crazy things, like shoplifting a bottle of nail polish.  Girl, don’t you know that there’s always someone filming you when you’re famous?  Look at what happened to Winona Ryder.

Finally, there’s the makeshift family of Scarlett, Avery, and Gunnar.  This story started to go somewhere interesting tonight, and I have to say I’m sorry I wrote it off so quickly in my last review.  When Scarlett bombs her first recording session with Watty White, Avery surprisingly becomes her number one cheerleader and is super supportive.  Of course, just when you think he’s actually a nice guy you find out that he’s just using her as a way to get some face time with Watty.  A dirtbag move for sure, but actually pretty smart career-wise.

Overall, this episode was a pretty solid hour of television.  Nashville set a big precedent with it’s standout pilot episode, and it’s good to see that show is continuing on the right path.  It’s dramatic, but it’s real.  These characters seem to be waiting to unravel at any moment, and I’m sure it will be very interesting to watch when they do.  Grade: A-

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