Nashville: When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts Season 1 Episode 15 Review

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Juliette and Rayna are forced to take a backseat this week, as a break from their tour means a break from their exciting conflict.  Oh well, at least there was a cute plot involving Deacon and his new puppy.

Nashville‘s reigning songstresses were pushed to the background this week as they both returned home to deal with some personal issues.  The show was really starting to hit its stride, having the two of them face off against each other week after week.  Unfortunately, this episode was all about the younger singers and their melodrama.

Before I get into all that, I’ll start with what worked in this episode.  Though not as prominent as usual, Rayna’s deteriorating marriage-turned-public divorce scandal was fascinating to watch.  I love that Rayna and Teddy are able to shoot these biting remarks off at each other without even raising their voices.  It’s also interesting to see the changing dynamic between Rayna and her older daughter Maddie.  The adorable Lennon Stella perfectly nailed the angsty teenager going through a family trauma.

Interestingly enough, though they never meet in person, Rayna and Juliette do have one great interaction this week.  Juliette tweets about what is supposed to be an intimate concert to promote her new single.  Her venue is overrun with screaming fans, and a shelf is toppled onto several audience members, including Maddie who had snuck out to go see the show.  After attending to her daughter in the hospital, Rayna has an angry phone call with Juliette in which she berates her for not taking any responsibility on the issue.  This causes Juliette to examine her own relationship with her mother, in which she has been neglectful as well.

There’s also a small plotline involving Deacon meeting an attractive vet when he takes his new puppy to the animal hospital.  The two hit it off, hookup with each other, and then decide to go on a date.  Sure it’s a little out of order for the traditional boy-meets-girl story, but the whole thing was very sweet (especially because of the cute dog).  I’m interested to see how Deacon’s first foray into a serious relationship with someone that isn’t a famous country singer goes.

Okay, now onto the not so good stuff.  The main showdown this week occurred between Scarlett and Gunnar, and it was a little too soap opera-y for me to handle.  Okay, it’s understandable that Gunnar would be upset after his brother’s murder.  But this hard outer shell they’re giving him just doesn’t feel right.  Remember in the first few episodes how Gunnar was there to comfort Scarlett and make her feel good about herself?  Well, so much for that.

This week he spent most of his time drinking, shouting, and blowing off an audition for Rayna’s new record label.  He has a climactic argument with Scarlett that ends in him running off to the seedy biker bar where his brother was killed.  Luckily, Deacon shows up in the nick of time to share some expository details about how his best friend was killed in a drunk driving accident.  Then Gunnar and Scarlett kiss and make up and we find out that Scarlett wears really weird lingerie to bed.  The whole thing is an emotional roller coaster, and just felt way too inauthentic.

Even worse is the fact that Avery, who is officially my least favorite character on the show, got a lot of screen time this week.  He’s upset with the fact that Dominic has remixed all of his songs and added dubstep to them.  So he angrily decides to burn all the master copies of his songs, gives Dominic back his money, and returns to Nashville.  Honestly, it all felt very immature. Maybe I’d feel slightly bad for him if he wasn’t such a jerk to begin with. As Avery leaves the recording studio–which strangely looks like it used to be a church–Dominic shouts at him that he’s “dead” in this business.  I can only hope that he’s right.

Overall this week was not one of Nashville‘s best, mainly due to the fact that Rayna and Juliette were given such B-plotlines.  Still, there was just enough southern charm to win me over.  The episode ends with Scarlett getting signed as a solo artist to Rayna’s label.  I don’t know what this means for her relationship with Gunnar, but honestly I really don’t care.  What really interested me was Rayna’s Katie Couric interview in which she classily discusses her divorce and hypes her and Juliette’s upcoming New York City show.  With the two of them in the big apple, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. Grade: B-

By Mike Papirmeister

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  1. Danielle says:

    Personally, no matter how much I dislike Avery, I think that he is going to be Rayna’s second signing… remember in the beginning of the episode she said how signing ONE big artist wasn’t going to be big enough to get her off the ground? Well, now we have a character, emotionally involved in his music career, that he just threw out the window, with everything but a healthy relationship with her newest signee which brings up another point- He also, at the end, played that intimate song (to my guess about Scarlett and what he threw away with her) at what looked like the Bluebird? It adds up somehow in my head. I just hope I’m wrong. Avery is not a country artist.

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