Nashville: “Why Don’t You Love Me” Season 1 Episode 19 Review

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As Rayna and Deacon begin to heat up, Juliette begins to melt down.

Tonight’s Nashville certainly proved that love, as great as it can be, can drive a person crazy.  In one of the series’ strongest episodes so far, love acted as both a positive and negative force in several of the characters lives.  The backdrop of this week’s outings was the Country Music Awards, which gave Best Female Vocalist nominations to both Rayna and Juliette.

As it turns out, both southern songstresses were preoccupied with other business when they learned the good news.  Juliette was busy dealing with the new security team she hired in order to keep Dante’s thievery under wraps.  Rayna, on the other hand, was busy wrapped under the sheets with Deacon.  She didn’t appear to have any morning after regrets.  In fact, she seemed to be enjoying herself quite nicely.  The easy chemistry between her and Deacon was on full display, and made the whole thing feel as if it was meant to be.

At an awards pre-party, things start to fall apart.  Juliette and Rayna have a small, albeit hilarious moment on the red carpet when they pose for photographers and Rayna remarks that Juliette’s perfume is “80 proof.”  Turns out she decided to take a page from her mother’s handbook and drown out her Dante troubles with alcohol. And when I say drown, I mean really DROWN.  Girl was knocking back straight vodka like a parched man in a desert.  Then there were all those glasses of champagne.  Needless to say, her night does not go too well, but Hayden Panettiere gave another excellent performance.  There was a particularly good moment at the end of the night, where her mother tucks her in to bed.  Juliette vulnerably admits that she could have grown to love Dante, and wonders why no one ever cares about her.  Jolene responds by saying she cares even if no one else does.  Hopefully their relationship is on the mend.

Meanwhile, Rayna runs into some murky waters when it comes to Deacon.  As they start to get closer, she starts to pull away.  It’s not that she doesn’t love him, it’s just that she’s scared the truth about her daughter Maddie will come to light.  Her and Teddy have already decided that he’s going to be her father, regardless of who she biologically came from.  In the end, though, Deacon comes through and admits to not caring about whether or not she’s hiding something from him.  He’s too head-over-heels in love.  I really hope these two have a future together, but a secret this big is bound to tear them apart.

In B-plot territory, Teddy takes Maddie to her school’s father daughter dance and Maddie semi-forgives him for his and Rayna’s split.  It’s cute, but again I wonder what’s going to happen when the secret of her true father is inevitably revealed.  It’s going to get complicated, especially if Deacon starts hanging around the house.

There’s also a small plotline involving Gunnar continuing to use his dead brother’s songs in order to record his demo.  Scarlett finds out and she is not pleased.  It’s a crappy thing to do, but I’m more interested in what’s going to happen between Gunnar and Will.  Their bromance was all but ruined after the latter tried to kiss the former.  It made for some awkward interactions between them, but it wasn’t really brought up in this episode.

Overall, this week’s Nashville was another solid entry in the series.  Rayna and Deacon’s relationship seems to be avoiding the will-they-or-won’t-they clichés, and could be very interesting.  Juliette also has some exciting drama going on, as the show’s end revealed that she and Dante could possibly have a sex tape together.  With only two episodes to go, this show looks like it’s going to have a great first season finish.  Grade: A-

By Mike Papirmeister


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