NBC Gives Final, Shortened Seasons for ’30 Rock’, ‘Community’, and ‘Parks and Recreation’

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NBC executives came down with a swift hammer today as three of their critically acclaimed comedies that air on Thursday nights, will end next year with abbreviated seasons.

It’s a sad day for fans of 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Recreation. All three critically acclaimed shows are getting the axe next season. There is still no word, however, on The Office or Awake, which make up the rest of NBC’s Thursday night line-up.

For 30 Rock it will be their seventh season. The sixth season finale airs next Thursday. Rumors had been swimming for the last few weeks that next season would be their last.

Community has always been in a constant state of flux. They always seem to be in danger of getting cancelled. The question for them now becomes will Chevy Chase return for the last thirteen episodes? Recently, he and the show’s creator, Dan Harmon, have had a very public spat with Chase saying that he may not return.

Perhaps the most surprising show to get the axe is Parks and Recreation, which has shown no sign of slowing down and has been out of the cancellation conversation for a long time. Their season finale airs tonight.

In my opinion, I am happy to see 30 Rock get one last season but frankly they have declined a lot in quality this season. Hopefully this final season will give the writers a new drive to give the fans everything they have left for the show. As for Community, it looks to be the next Arrested Development. However, it will also be the fourth year, meaning the characters would all be graduating at the end. That seems like a potentially nice way to end the show. I am in the early stages of catching up on Parks and Recreation now but it is great so far and something tells me it deserves more. Now for whatever reason The Office is still going, even though Robert California and Kelly are confirmed to be leaving and Dwight might get a spinoff. There is a show that deserves the axe.

While this may seem like sad news, fans of Community and Parks and Recreation will likely never get to see their show decline like fans of The Office have (and to a much lesser degree fans of 30 Rock). We here at The Filtered Lens plan to start reviewing Parks and Recreation in the fall along with the final seasons of the other two shows as well.

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