New ‘Men in Black 3’ Trailer!

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The last trailer for Men in Black 3 was poorly put together and lacked all of the humor of the original. This new one is actually a lot better…

The clip opens with a great delivery of a joke by Will Smith, something he perfected back in 1997 when the original Men in Black debuted in theaters. Then we get a brief explanation of the plot, which does the idea far more justice than the last one. We finally see Agent J travel back to 1969, where Josh Brolin plays a 29 year old Agent K. The 1960s atmosphere is a nice fit for this series. Another nice touch is SNL‘s Bill Hader playing Andy Warhol. The action looks exciting and the film just looks like a lot more fun. I am not sold yet, however. This one might just have to wait and see. Men in Black 3 hits theaters May 25th.

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