New NBC Thursday Night Updates! The Fates of ‘Community’, ‘Awake’, and More

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Yesterday we reported that three of NBC’s comedies were all getting the axe after 13 episode seasons. Now we have an update that confirms and changes some of what we thought was true.

As it stands now, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, and Parks and Recreation have all been renewed, and Awake has been cancelled.

30 Rock has an order of 13 episodes that will mark as its final season. Community will also get 13 episodes but it will NOT be their final season (unless the unthinkable happens…). Parks and Recreation was rumored to be getting a 13 episode season but that has been upgraded to a full 22 episodes.

There we go, that clears up our report from yesterday. Now, also renewed is The Office for an unknown number of episodes. As of now, there is no word on the rumored Dwight spinoff, or whether it will be the final season with so many characters leaving (Mindy Kaling’s pilot for FOX got picked up meaning that Kelly will be gone as well).

Awake‘s cancellation comes as no surprise. While the pilot was a stroke of sheer brilliance, the show has failed to maintain that momentum throughout the season. Plus the ratings have plummeted since the premiere.

There you have it folks, NBC will officially announce their fall schedule on Sunday.

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