New Trailer For Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’!

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Tim Burton has two movies coming out this year. In May we are getting Dark Shadows, a film based on the TV series. In October we are getting Frankenweenie, a touching story of a boy bringing his dog back to life, Frankenstien style. The trailer just got released for the latter, and it looks like a great return to animation for the acclaimed gothic director.

Frankenweenie seems to draw from many stories about Dr. Frankenstien and his monster. One kid in the trailer looks like Igor. The main dog runs into another dog with its fur done up like the bride of Frankenstein. This film looks to be Tim Burton at his best and a project deeply personal to him (if you look at his IMDB page you’ll notice that this is a remake of his first film, which was a short). Check out the trailer below!

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