Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review: In Need of a Good Tailor

One of the most astounding Hollywood trends since the turn of the century has been genuinely thoughtful and well made sequels. Think about it. Is there a truly bad Harry Potter or Hunger

South Park: “Put It Down” Season 21 Episode 2 Review

“Why does he keep making things worse?!” Tweek’s pleas with President Trump/Garrison’s tweets regarding North Korea echo a lot of us right now, but it’s notable that it’s Tweek doing the freaking

The Deuce: “Show and Prove” Season 1 Episode 2 Review

For most of “Show and Prove,” The Deuce is still getting us immersed in its setting. The more it does so, the more wonderful and thrilling 1970s Times Square becomes. It’s the wild, wild

Rick and Morty: “Morty’s Mind Blowers” Season 3 Episode 8 Review

Community, beloved as it was, was far from perfect. One of its biggest problems was its over-reliance on recycling the structure or gimmick of classic episodes and trying to recreate them and

mother! Review: When An Artist Plays God

Just to get this out of the way, the less you know going into mother! the better. In fact, if you have any inkling to go see it, I suggest stopping here and going

South Park: “White People Renovating Houses” Season 21 Premiere Review

South Park always has and hopefully always will strive to resemble America at its most average. Extraordinary things happen in this town, but things always revert back to the way they were. For

Broad City: “Sliding Doors” Season 4 Premiere Review

The Broads kick off season 4 by bringing us back to the beginning.

American Horror Story: Cult: “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” Season 7 Episode 2 Review

Cult clearly draws its connections between killer clowns and Donald Trump, and loses all manner of suspense in return.

Rick and Morty: “The Ricklantis Mixup” Season 3 Episode 7 Review

Or is it “Tales From the Citadel?” The episode actually taking one name and then acting completely different from that name kind of mirrors everything wrong with this entry, an easy pick

BoJack Horseman Season 4 Review: The Root of Us All

When season three ended with BoJack catching a glimpse of “wild” horses on the horizon, it forced BoJack to recognize the kinship of his own species he clearly missed out on. They,