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Robert has a downward spiral, and things start to get really interesting.

Which Superhero Movie Won 2016?

This year was more populated with superhero movies than any before it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continued its slow takeover of Hollywood while Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox tried to keep

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Alicia Keys pulls up both her hair and her guard for a musically diverse but thematically abrasive album.

Ranking the Films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Doctor Strange‘s release this weekend marks the continuation of what Marvel calls “Phase Three” (I like to think of the “phases” as seasons of the most expensive TV show ever made). Since

Better Things: “Hair of the Dog” Season 1 Episode 9 Review

I find value in what Better Things brings to the television spectrum, I really do, but these unnecessarily abstract connections between vignettes are really starting to chip away at my enjoyment of the series.

Doctor Strange Review: Marvel Warps Reality, Still Feels the Same

I can’t remember a better opening scene to a Marvel movie. We see the film’s villain, Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen), rip a few pages out of a CGI-infused textbook and escape through a

Arrow: “Human Target” Season 5 Episode 5 Review

Just so we’re all clear, no, you were not supposed to know who the Human Target (Wil Traval) was before his titular episode. Arrow sure made it seem like we were being re-introduced to

Atlanta: “The Jacket” Season 1 Finale Review

The linearity of Atlanta‘s first season, as completed in “The Jacket,” is simply one of the loveliest emotional arcs in this year of television. This small, simple, quiet entry wasn’t the flashiest or

You’re the Worst: “The Seventh Layer” Season 3 Episode 9 Review

You’re the Worst turns a road trip with two of its most overlooked characters into a surprisingly nuanced examination of traditional masculinity.