Feud: Bette and Joan: “Pilot” Series Premiere Review

The premiere of Ryan Murphy’s latest anthology series is gorgeously shot and instantly addicting, with mesmerizing performances from Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon.

Girls: “Painful Evacuation” Season 6 Episode 4 Review

With “Painful Evacuation,” we start to get a sense of where Girls‘ final season is going. The first two episodes included a lot of moments of self-reflection and evolution, then the third went

Homeland: “Imminent Risk” Season 6 Episode 7 Review

It wouldn’t be a season of Homeland without Carrie going into a tailspin. It’ll never not be great television to watch Claire Danes act her ass off for these scenes, and luckily, season six’s

Ranking All the X-Men Movies

With Logan hitting theaters this week, marking the tenth installment of the original Marvel film franchise, we’re feeling a little nostalgic of 17 years and counting of mutant mayhem. Started in 2000 and still at

Star Wars Rebels: “Secret Cargo” Season 3 Episode 16 Review

There’s a payoff in “Secret Cargo” that feels like something we’d typically have to wait for a season finale to see. Star Wars Rebels has always been about the birth of the Rebellion through

Ed Sheeran “÷” Review

Ed Sheeran’s third mixes influences well, but is frustratingly nostalgic.

Arrow: “Fighting Fire With Fire” Season 5 Episode 15 Review

“Fighting Fire With Fire” pulls a fast one on its target audience. Audiences unfamiliar with several of season five’s new characters and their comic book histories would likely just shrug at this

Logan Review: Hugh Jackman’s Emotional Final Fight For Mutantkind

Midway through Logan, there’s a scene at a dinner table where Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Logan (Hugh Jackman), a.k.a. Wolverine, exchange light jabs at each other about the school they used

Legion: “Chapter 4” Review

Legion took an exciting journey into the metaphysical this week, with David landing on the astral plane, a shared realm of the subconscious where other lost minds go to live out their lives.

Homeland: “The Return” Season 6 Episode 6 Review

After last week’s phenomenal outing, Homeland does what Homeland does best: overdo it. “The Return” is the point in the season where the show tip toes around jumping the shark, never quite committing to doing so