Ghost in the Shell Review: A Lifeless, Robotic, Disrespectful Take On a Classic

Rupert Sanders’ Ghost in the Shell might just be one of the most thoughtless remakes of all time. Between blatant whitewashing, an empty script, and lackluster action, this film doesn’t deserve any

Legion: “Chapter 8” Season Finale Review

The Legion finale is a tricky beast. On one hand, Noah Hawley is clearly having loads of fun just playing with superhero conventions in a more straightforward manner. That feeling is infectious throughout the

Arrow: “Disbanded” Season 5 Episode 18 Review

How do you follow up a spectacular episode like “Kapiushon?” In true Arrow form, there were some missed opportunities, but it could have been a lot worse. Part of the problem with “Disbanded” is

Big Little Lies: “Burning Love” Episode 6 Review

The penultimate episode of Big Little Lies unpacks a lot of tension, while setting the stage for an explosive finale.

Girls: “The Bounce” Season 6 Episode 7 Review

“The Bounce” was perhaps the most bipolar episode yet of Girls. Really high highs and really low lows had me in a volatile swirl of eye-rolling and emotional connection. This episode has the

Homeland: “The Flag House” Season 6 Episode 10 Review

Season six likely has a very specific endgame in mind. It has to. More so than any previous season, the number of moving parts is astronomical. And with season premieres now acting

Prevenge Review: The Darkness Inside

Blacker than black comedy has its drawbacks, but Prevenge could become a cult classic for the subgenre. That’s entirely because of Alice Lowe. Writing, directing, and starring in the film, she is Prevenge. The unique

Power Rangers Review: Go, Go Take Yourself Less Seriously

The reboot of the popular 90s children’s show can’t decide between the campy fun of its source material or the gritty action of current blockbuster fare and, in the end, fails to make

Star Wars Rebels: “Zero Hour” Season 3 Finale Review

Wow. Star Wars Rebels‘ third season finale was a tight, intense hour that felt like the inverse of Rogue One in a plethora of ways. Make no mistake, Thrawn may have been at least partially

Legion: “Chapter 7” Review

Legion is deceptively simple. Like all superhero shows, it has a villain, and a team of good guys fighting to take him out. Subplots include a wife looking for her missing husband and