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Better Things aspires to show the life of a single mother trying to balance three kids, her career, her social life, and whatever the hell else comes up on a daily basis. It’s

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The great contradiction of Mel Gibson’s true, peace-loving war film is the grotesque violence he unleashes in the film’s several viscerally difficult battle scenes. Hacksaw Ridge has some of most arrestingly filmed

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Now we’re talkin’. Though it rushed some significant narrative leaps, “The Adversary” was the episode of Westworld I’ve been waiting for, and it’s all thanks to Maeve. Conscious and in control behind the scenes,

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Many of the films worth remembering about racial tension, and there are a great many, subscribe to one of two tones. First, there are the warm, Hollywood stories of people coming together

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Which Superhero Movie Won 2016?

This year was more populated with superhero movies than any before it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continued its slow takeover of Hollywood while Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox tried to keep