Arrow: “A Matter of Trust” Season 5 Episode 3 Review

“A Matter of Trust” took steps in righting the ship for Arrow‘s fifth season. For the second week in a row, the show put the focus on the new recruits to Team Arrow.

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In “The Club,” Atlanta perfected itself. This episode was the most genuine marriage of the show’s comfortable sense of humor, uncomfortable setting, and surrealism. Here, these elements, all of which contribute to Atlanta‘s greatness, not

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As a film, Antonio Campos’ Christine falls into a predictable template. Under-appreciated at work, her difficult relationship with her mother, and the excitement for a date that turns out to be a

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What does Westworld want consciousness to be? The climax of “The Stray” seems to put free will down as its answer. Dolores has been riding off to her death at the sound of gunshots

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A Jimmy-centric episode expertly deals with complex familial relationships. Also, Ben Folds!

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Ang Lee’s adaptation of the novel Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is an unsubtle, lighter story that shares its thesis with the modern classic The Hurt Locker. “War is a drug,” the

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“Alarm” couldn’t have been expected to follow up “Future Fever,” easily the best episode of the series thus far, but it could have at least tried. Instead, we got an episode chock

Arrow: “The Recruits” Season 5 Episode 2 Review

The whole premise of season five so far is slightly problematic. When the end of season four saw Diggle and Thea retiring and Lance officially off the police force, it was the