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With the groundwork laid, “A Flash of Light” could be a major turning point for season six. My hope is that, just as the show did after season four’s game-changing “From A

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Girls has made the point “All I Ever Wanted” makes before. “One Man’s Trash,” arguably the show’s best episode, puts Hannah into an unexpected fantasy of life and love. It showcases very traditional

John Wick: Chapter 2 Review: He Still Knows Gun Fu

The John Wick films are a very special brand within the action genre. With a no-nonsense approach to story, in that the script’s skeleton is very barebones, they’ve subverted the genre, parodied it, and

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It’s cliche to say, but the series premiere for Legion kind of has it all. Trippy visuals, flawless direction, characters easy to like, a gorgeous style, contemplative emotional beats, insane superhero action, and a

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There’s a lot going on in “Bratva,” some of which doesn’t totally make sense. In a way, this feels more like an episode from season six. In another way, it closes out

I Am Not Your Negro Review: The Story of America

When author James Baldwin died in 1987, he left us without one of his most promising works, Remember This House. The unfinished manuscript recollects his personal experiences with civil rights giants Malcolm

Arrow: “Second Chances” Season 5 Episode 11 Review

Laurel’s legacy has had an odd place in Arrow‘s fifth season. First it was written in after the fact that Laurel had asked Oliver to replace her as Black Canary. Then, Evelyn, who